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Hi Ellie,
Thank you so very much for being the BEST Joan Rivers ever!!

Janet Adams
Lisa Arias
Group Sales Team
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel
Century City, Los Angeles, CA

It was great having you! Everyone had very positive things to say. We will definitely keep in touch for any opportunity in the future. 

Thanks again,
Chris Ratterman
Assistant Brand Manager
Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc.
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True talent, super professional, hysterical with heart
Hire Ellie immediately!
I hired Ellie to be MC of my husband's Celebration Of Life ceremony, just 3 days after his passing. Kenny loved Joan Rivers and her biting humor.

Ellie was in from the start and helped me and my guests navigate one of the hardest nights of my life. Ellie had Joan's style, voice, timing and look down perfectly.

She brought levity, heart and respect in her monologue bringing healing belly laughs from all us who needed to laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine, and Ellie was an absolute angel.

She researched and memorized my overflowing TMI-outline of rapid-fire texts of his life and and our love, making sure she got the details right. She read the room, hit her mark, arrived early, stayed late and held my hand through it all.

Whether she was lovingly and hysterically commenting on the crowd, or reminding the audience of what a special man Kenny was, or how short he was. She struck a beautiful balance in tone
and healing.

Hire her immediately
Hired as: Joan Rivers Impersonator

Shawn K.

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UR Chicago Magazine Interview

UR Chicago: Why Joan Rivers? What is it about her that appeals to your comic side?

Ellie Weingardt: I love being Joan because I admire her as a fighter. She's colorful and full of fun-filled conversation: Can we talk?"

UR Chicago: When did you realize you had It in you to be Joan Rivers? You must have been quite ham as a child.

Ellie Weingardt: Yes, I loved to entertain as a child. I was a real kosher ham. People used to say I looked like Joan, so I tried acting like her. But that was before five face-lifts, two tummy tucks, super-reduction, liposuction, and Botox, Botox, Botox! (By the way. I heard Joan also had some work done!)

Ellie- you're a REAL PRO! You helped make our reception a success!

Alan Wolfgang,
Parade Magazine

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Ellie Weingardt as Joan Rivers wowed the members of this prestigious private country club
"It was a thrill to meet and greet their guests at the season opener."


Ellie as Joan ruled the red carpet meeting glamorous guests while a direct feed into the PARK WEST caught every nuance. "It was my pleasure."


Employees were celebrated at this awards gala at The Hulman Center in Terre Haute on the red carpet recently by Ellie as Joan Rivers. "A lovely celebration."


Actress, Voice Actress, Look Alike.

Ellie Weingardt is nationally acclaimed for her Joan Rivers impersonation at red-carpet gala events for corporations, sales events, and awards ceremonies,...

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Winner of Joan River's "Late Show" Look-alike contest